A little about the Clever Kiwi Company

The Clever Kiwi company is a small family owned business that was formed in 1992 with the desire to produce top quality educational products.

A very exciting Maths programme with a common sense approach was developed on video, accompanied by a workbook aimed at 4-6 year olds. Lovely puppet scenes were used to introduce each number, and top presenters, who go along with children on the tapes.

With the success of the video Maths program, Clever Kiwi then produced an up-market scrapbook called “The Activities Book”. It contains high-quality 100gsm paper with useful information printed on the insides of the covers.

Following on, the company expanded their exercise book range, which now includes 12 titles, covering Reading, Writing, Maths books, and other classroom work books, all of which contain useful and relevant information on the inside covers, presented in a fun Clever Kiwi way!

Clever Kiwi books are 100% designed and made in New Zealand using FSC Certified Eco-Friendly paper and supporting local Kiwis.

Clever Kiwi is a strong supporter of the Environment, sponsoring New Zealand environmental and conservation causes.